A Geek With A Hat

1 Dec 2016.

That's a particle generator. It makes tiny circles fly out of where you click. I'm a nerd, so this is what I consider fun. Your mileage may vary.

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I always think the “why is no one taking about this???” posts are in bad taste, but they feel especially condescending right now when the world is dealing with a.

Spike Lee paints on a massive canvas about the history of America using Black men as cannon fodder in Da 5 Bloods, all while.

Red Hat’s Rich Sharples discusses Java’s longevity and how other tech companies that began in 1995 either continued to evolve.

Tesla has never spent any substantial money on traditional ads, while other carmakers have spent billions.

Right up until his retirement in 2017 at age 98, Perlman had to be prodded to talk about his reporting expeditions to the.

Helping you become a better engineer.

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A Geek with a Hat. Swizec Teller is the blogger who wrote “Why Programmers Work at Night,” an article that caused a 5000% spike in his blog traffic. It helped.

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Braxton Carter, the magenta-cowboy-hat wearing finance executive who kept the books during T-Mobile’s resurgence for the past.

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