Opencart Bitcoin Merchant Extension By Spectrocoin

SpectroCoin OpenCart Bitcoin Payment Extension This is SpectroCoi Bitcoin Payment Module for OpenCart. This extenstion allows to easily accept bitcoins (and other cryptocurrencies such as DASH) at your OpenCart website. You can view a tutorial how to integrate bitcoin payments for OpenCart.

17 Dec 2014.

Before we begin building the extension, set up OpenCart on your local.

To configure and set up up our Bitcoin Payment Module, we need an.

SpectroCoin is a bitcoin wallet, exchange, debit card and merchant solution provider. Bitcoin wallet guarantees comfortable and secure usage of bitcoin. Bitcoin exchange allows to buy and sell bitcoin against more than 20+ currencies via bank transfer, credit or debit card, cash and other payment options. · · · · · · osmsinc.

25 Jul 2018.

The next step is to ensure the extension is set up. Click on the Extensions tab, then in the drop down menu, click on Payments. When that's.

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Opencart Bitcoin Merchant Extension by SpectroCoin.

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OpenCart, WHMCS and other websites to accept payments in Bitcoin, XRP and.

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Opencart Bitcoin Merchant Extension By SpectroCoin SpectraCoin now gives a secure method of Bitcoin payment processing for your business in order for your customers to transact and pay you in your preferred currency. This tutorial will teach you the process of integration of SpectroCoin Merchant to your OpenCart.

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